GSoC 2015 – Moorsp Plugin for Moodle – Update 10

The 10th week of my GSoC project for Moodle passed with me writing more Behat tests for the Moorsp plugin, completing the Behat test writing phase of development.

During writing tests I found some interesting bugs that were present in the code of Moorsp, most notable being that in onlinetext submission in the assign plugin, the content to be evaluated for plagiarism was being returned with <div class=”no-overflow”> tags around them, causing the filehashes to be mismatched and those text submissions not to be evaluated. I managed to build a workaround for this by hashing the contents with the offending tags included for onlinetext submissions.

Behat tests are running smoothly, with the main Behat tests implemented here.

Here is a sample of the final Behat test, show_teacher_plagiarism_status.feature, in action:


Behat tests in action