GSoC 2015 – Moorsp Plugin for Moodle – Wrap Up

It has been a hectic few months as a Google Summer of Code student for 2015 for Moodle, and it has come to a successful conclusion.

It was my greatest pleasure to work on Moodle throughout this period, to get to know and respect my awesome mentor, Dan Marsden, to learn about how Moodle and its community functions, and to eventually be able to help that community with a successfully completed GSoC project.

I set out to develop a skeleton plugin known as Moorsp for Moodle’s Plagiarism Framework, to incorporate the latest and greatest of Moodle’s framework goals within a testable plugin that wouldn’t need commercial logins to run automated tests. At the end of the project, all my code has been successfully integrated in to the Moorsp base code , and I have been awarded a pass by the Moodle community, both in terms of my contribution in code and community engagement. This makes me extremely happy.

I hope to continue my work on Moodle and have already started to help Dan with integrating some of the newer concepts in the Moodle framework in to some of the older plagiarism plugins such as the Urkund Plagiarism Plugin which is maintained by Dan himself. I believe that the most important part of me doing a GSoC project is gaining the ability to integrate and work closely with the Moodle community, an opportunity which I absolutely will not let go to waste.

Finally, I will leave you with the lovely Moodle GSoC 2015 Student Badge awarded to me by Thank you, Moodle, for this lovely token of appreciation. I shall always cherish it.