GSoC 2015 – Moorsp Plugin for Moodle – Update 4

The 4th week of GSoC 2015 has gone by and I’ve been continuing to work on the Moorsp plugin for Moodle.

During the past week, I completed the following tasks:

  • Fixed issues in Moorsp showing the student disclosure message during a submission
  • Continued to work on the file_uploaded and files_done event functions¬†in Moorsp. The files_uploaded event is fired whenever a student uploads a file as part of a submission. The files_done event is fired when students have sent in their submissions for grading. Both of these methods need to check whether the file included in the event data has been added to the moorsp_files table, and add it if it has not.
  • Wrote code to store content hashes of files in the moorsp_files table. This is an important part of the initial version of Moorsp as the goal is to check the filehashes of two files together as a very basic plagiarism check. Since Moorsp is more of a plugin developed to execute tests on the plagiarism framework, it is not necessary to have more complicated plagiarism checks.